Our Clients
Stone Age Construction is privileged to work with many large, well-known leaders in construction. The company has an excellent reputation for the construction of game lodges (in often-inhospitable locations) that reflect the power and timeless beauty of their surrounds. This marriage of art and function is the cornerstone of our approach to all our building projects.

JJ Dempers
Longworth & Faul
Aurecon Group
CS Properties
Isipani Construction
Stemmet Bouers
HFO Construction
Mettle Project Management
OHB Construction
Agmac Construction
PR Homes
Henk Scholtz
Langverwacht Landscaping
DDS Projects
MC Wahl Project Management
EP Landscaping
Tarna Klitzner
Ankia Bormans
Franchesca Watson
Heimo Schulzer Gardens
Dekker Papendorf Architects
A3 Argitekte
TV3 Argitekte
Malherbe Rust Argitekte
Malan Vorster Architecture
Louis Steyn
Bouwer Architecture
Visser Kapperer de Bruin
Jannie Mouton
Albert Kuhn
Philip Passemier
Dubai World
Johan and Sonia de Jager
Dawie and Sonia-Liezel Theron
Morné Steenkamp
Strijdom van der Merwe
Jannie le Roux
Ockie Nel
Schalk Shepard
Dean van Tonder
Mukda Thai Spa
Natural Stone Warehouse
Dylan Lewis
Sanbona Game Reserve
Rupert Dolby
Dave Lello
Hubert Cronje
Mark and Linda du Plessis
Johan and Trudie Hopkins
Pierre de Clerk
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“I visited old cities in Spain and sat in wonder at the marvels that had been created in stone by Moorish craftsmen and their successors.”
-John de Jager