Stone Masons
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Stone Masons

Inside Stone Age

CNC Machine

We combine age-old stonemasonry with our advanced CNC machine to develop unique innovative solutions. We work on any scale and our CNC machine is the biggest and most advanced machine in the Western Cape.

It enables us to cut blocks that are 2 metres wide and 3 metres long into nearly any shape. It allows us to take challenging construction projects and create exceptional natural elements. We rely on our experience and creativity to guide the process of transforming stone, resulting in satisfied stonemasons as well as clients.
Stone Age CNC Cutting

Stone Yard

Our stone yard is where our stonemasons gather to express their creativity and help add just the right amount of luxury and style to your life.

We have enjoyed many years of designing, creating and inspiring those we work with. This is our space. This is where the magic happens.
Stone Age Stone Yard